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If you desire to develop any kind style we shall be able to develop and supply upon receipt of necessary details from your side. We are willing to work with you as your supplier and vendor with the assurance that from our side a best competitive prices, quality and shipment for the product of your interest.

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Our journey started in1990 with the washing plant business and today “CONFIDENCE WASHING” plant is an renown washing brand in Bangladesh. Later in 2008 we have started our clothing business under the name of “FASHION FLASH”. The company have 08 industry right now and it is become a group of company under the group name of “FASHION FLASH”. Below are the sister concerns,
# Fashion flash limited
# Fashion jeans limited
# Wintex fashion wear limited
# Denim attires limited
# Confidence Washing (Washing Unit)
# Jeans concept washing (Washing unit)
# Denim art limited (Washing unit)
# Master design limited (Printing & Embroidery)

FASHION FLASH, itself is a vertical set-up, number of 08 production line, washing
plant, 400,000 monthly capacity, 100% compliance, working with
Produce 400,000 pcs jeans per month depending on the styling.
We are specialized for mainly Jeans for Kids,Babies, Mens and Ladies with fancy washes as
well for Chinos.
Factory is already certified by WRAP, ISO 9001:8000 and also have BSCI certificate.
Beside we are approved by SOCAM (fr C&A),
STR (fr jules), ITS (fr Auchan), SGS (fr Monoprix).
Especially we are approved for BIO product as carrying OE certificate.
We are strong in various kind of Denim Fabric sourcing from 9 oz to 14.75 oz. Our 90 %
production with Denim Fabric in various washing.
We are also doing around 30 % production with heavy Twill, Canvas and Corduroy, which
we are sourcing from local mill as well from Hong Kong.
Below are the main Fabrics Mills that we using for our production
 Lanyan from China
 Taksang from Hongkong
 Atlantic mill from Thailand
 Arvind, Ramond, KG Denim from India
 ADM, AFM, Artistic millanier , Azgard-09 from Pakistan
 Envoy denim, Partex , Chittagong Denim, South China, Unifi from Bangladesh

Jeans concept washing is a industrial laundry in 1990 and one of the experience washing plant at Dhaka as Confidence washing and today we have 03 washing unit as follows,
 Confidence Washing (Washing Unit)
 Jeans concept washing (Washing unit)
 Denim art limited (Washing unit)
As per market requirement has developed all type of fancy washes like, Enzyme wash, Stone wash, Bleach wash, Tinting, Overdyeing, Sandblasting, Scraping, Whiskering, Destroy, Grinding, Tagging, Crinkle , Resin , PP etc Our Washing Capacity is 22,000 pcs per day

Keeping in mind the environmental problem we newly set up the water treatment plant. Denim art is our new laundry which we setting up with modern technology for specialized product only.

 We are having very strong development teams with Pattern and Sample man and
development any kind of sample as per buyer requirement.
 We also have most modern Pattern making system GTI to make any kind of Pattern
quickly which is an strength to develop the pattern and design.
 We can develop any type of sample with fancy washes with in a week from the date of
rcv the details from buyer.
 Sample Capacity 500 pcs per day.
We Have 10000+ machine

01 Juki/Brother Single needle lock stich
– Normal 55 sets
02 Juki/Brother Single needle lock stich
– Auto trimer 175 sets
03 Juki Single needle lock stitch with vertical trimer 20 sets
04 Juki/Brother Double needle lock stitch (normal) 38 sets
05 Juki Double needle lock stitch (large hook) 04 sets
06 Juki/Brothers Double needle lock stitch (angular) 14 sets
07 Juki Double needle chain stitch 12 sets
08 Juki 5 thread over lock 29 sets
09 Juki 4 thread over lock 10 sets
10 Juki 6 thread over lock (flat lock) 02 sets
11 Juki Pocket facing machine 11 sets
12 Juki/Brother Computerized BARTECK 25 sets
13 Union speciall Heavy duty FEED OF THE ARM 05 sets
14 Juki Heavy duty FEED OF THE ARM 12 sets
15 Juki Double needle belt loop making 02 sets
16 Juki/Kansai Waistband making machine 11 sets
17 Juki Leather patch /Velcro attaching machine 02 sets
18 Juki/Tssm Belt loop cutting machine 01 sets
19 Juki/Brother Computerized Eyelet hole machine 03 sets
20 Juki/Brother Button hole lock stitch 05 sets
21 Juki Single needle button lock stitch machine 04 sets
22 Sunstar Single needle ZIGZAG machine 05 sets
23 Juki/ Tssm Velcro cutter machine 01 sets
24 Hashima Thread re
-coning machine 01 sets
25 K.M. Clom m th cutting machine 04 sets
26 Eastman End cutter machine 02 sets
27 Hashima Press type fusing machine 01 set
28 Hashima Conveyor type needle detector machine 01 set
29 Concorde Waist tag, pocket flasher attatching 03 sets
30 Ioline Computer ptn and marker machine 01 set
31 Ioline 72” Marker printer 01 set
32 Modern Fabric checking machine 01 set
33 Modern Vacuumed iron table 12 sets
34 Modern Vacuumed iron 28 sets
35 Generator Diesel generator ( 550KVA) 01 set
36 Safq Button pull test machine 01 set
37 Toyo Automatic strapping machine 01 set

# Adequate no. of first aid kits available through the factory.
# Medical doctors with adequate facilities will be available in the factory premises . Level2
hospital is also available within ½ km.of the premises.

# High Productive Production Line: Average production per line targeting is above 120 Pcs of Jeans Trouser per line per hour. Which is very much competitors. This is possible only due to we will high skill selected work force & specialized machine selection.

# Specific product line: The Company sells primarily only 5 Pkt Jeans (Denim) Trousers. As a specialized factory the completive.# Young Management: All the directors of the company are with 35 – 43 years of so more energetic and high motivation level on the management .
# Marketing Network: Almost all the customers are direct retailers; as a result more bonding with customer with security is payment. Long-term relations with all customers
# High skill level: All the directors of the company are professionals, having over 12 years experience in this respective field.
House no – 13/C, Road no-01,
5 TH floor, Sec- 06, Uttara, Dhaka- 1230.
National Bank Limited
Mohakhali Branch, 9 Mohakhali C/A,
Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh.
Swift : NBLBBDDH043
Fakhar uddin Ahmed (Fakhru)
Manager, Marketting & Merchandising
Cell No : +88 01713380301
Helaluddin ahmed (Helal)
Managing Director
Cell No : +88 0711548457